Intro to the Meet Me Downtown Podcast

Hi, I'm Megan Tsui, and I love downtowns.

As the part-time Executive Director for Downtown Main Street in Red Wing, MN, I found myself calling other Main Street Directors often to find out how they were doing certain things. How did they put on that event? Where did they get the idea to do that program? And how in the world did they find the resources to make amazing things happen in their downtowns? 

It got me thinking--if I am wondering about these things, are others out there wondering the same thing? What if I built a podcast where I interviewed other Main Street Directors, Coordinators, Chamber Directors, and volunteers to find out what tips, tricks, and strategies they are using to keep their downtowns healthy and vibrant? 

Here it is: the Meet Me Downtown Podcast.

Sit back and enjoy. 


Megan Tsui