Junk Crush in Lake City, MN

Lake City is just a short, beautiful drive south of Red Wing along the Mississippi River. There are bluffs and eagles and boats all along the way that make the drive really special. When I heard they were having their Junk Crush fall event, I decided to take the drive.

The Junk Crush celebrates antique and vintage goods along with crushing grapes for making wine. Pretty smart, right!! And what do women like doing more than shopping for “junk”? Drinking wine! (Well, this woman, anyway!)

The event shuts down a few streets. There are tents set up down the middle of each street for vendors. The businesses around the shut-down streets decorate their storefronts so they are welcoming. I think this is a significant fact—the tents are IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET— and not along the edge of the street so that they block the stores and restaurants! Genius! So many times we have festivals and parties that block out the very LOCAL businesses we’re trying to help 365 days a year. It’s something to think about.

Here are photos from my very fun (although very warm!) trip to Lake City.

To learn more about their Junk Crush from their Chamber of Commerce, click HERE