Winter Windows: Rare Pair Shoe & Clothing Store in Northfield, MN

I live in Minnesota, so our winters can be long and harsh. But they also can be an opportunity! The Rare Pair is a shoe and clothing store located in the beautiful river town of Northfield, MN. Northfield is home to St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges and has a picturesque, quaint downtown. The Rare Pair has been on the corner across from Bridge Square since I was a kid, so that’s a VERY LONG TIME :-).

The owners of the Rare Pair know how to do windows. They usually have a theme and they go all in. They layer their props in such a way that they create a story. When I was rolling through downtown on Christmas Eve after a lovely evening with my family, I caught a few photos of their winter windows.

There are little electric fireplaces in each window. Snow lies softly on the wood logs carefully stacked. Clothes hang as if they were just removed to dry after a fun time out in the snow. The white twinkly Christmas lights and garland frame each scene as if it was out of a storybook.

And because of these windows you can see what The Rare Pair sells. And you can imagine your family wearing the clothes and scarves and warm flannel shirts and lined boots this winter.

Not only are the windows great for this business, they are also a cornerstone of the downtown and set the tone for the rest of the businesses to up their winter window game!

Megan Tsui